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Instrument Transformer Division
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Our Mission

  • To provide responsive, professional and courteous service.
  • To offer the highest quality product line at a competitive price.
  • To strive to include you in our family of repeat customers.


  • There are models of various shapes, sizes and VA ratings to fit every application.
  • We would like to familiarize our customers with our model numbering system in helping you use this catalog easily.
  • A variety of electric transformers and meters

Features and Benefits

  • Fully encapsulated, rubber molded.
  • Indoor or outdoor applications.
  • UL & CUL Recognize Standards
  • Optional 0.100A, 0.200A or 1.0A secondary for electronic devices.
  • Custom designs available.


  • 600 Volt Instrument Transformers.
  • Voltage Electric Transformers
  • Current Transformers
  • Flexible Split Core
  • Wound Primary;


  • A detailed list of relevent technical specifications has been provided on each page.
  • Standard and ANSI class transformers are manufactured and listed accordingly.


  • On standard items: one to three weeks
  • We can accommodate our customers with a one or two day delivery on orders that require air shipment.


Coming soon......additional models 5 to 34.5 kV Class...current transformers ...voltage transformers....control power transformers..
EMC would like to be your "6 sigma" quality supplier..........

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Electrical Design Engineer:  Oversees the design, engineering, development, testing and production
of medium voltage instrument transformers. MSEE plus 5 years experience in job offered. 
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